Spain Part 3!

Spain Part 3!

Eneko Atxa’s 3 star gastronomic restaurant Azurmendi  was the main reason for our trip to Spain. All the food bloggers that we follow are raving about it and the restaurant gained its third star only five years after opening. The setting, at the top of a hill overlooking a motorway, is unique and the ambience of the restaurant is relaxed and friendly hosted by people that are clearly passionate about their job. We had a very pleasant meal and took advantage of the excellently priced wine list. Our favourite dishes were the appetisers that we were served at the garden, the egg (cooked by the truffle that is injected to it), the tartlet, the lobster and the deep fried lamp brain.
Later in the week, back in London, we had a four course dinner at a restaurant that is only associated with the name of the chef of a one star restaurant, at a slightly lower cost… You have to love Spain.


photo (30) photo photo (28) photo (27) photo (31)Alexander Wang playsuit

Isabel Marant boots

Chanel bag

Zoe Kompisi bracelets

Glassing sunglasses

photo (29) photo (2) photo (1) photo (4) photo (11) photo (5) photo (26) photo (25)photo (3)Appetisers in the garden: avocado airbag, CaipirTxa, anchovy millefeuillephoto (21) photo (23) photo (20) photo (19) photo (24)Hazelnut, peanut, almond and mushroom leavephoto (16)Egg from our hens, cooked inside out and truffledphoto (22)Bloody “Mar”photo (6)Oyster, vegetable and sea pil-pil accompanied by anemone and seaweedsphoto (18)Tomato, cheese and basil tartletphoto (9)Roasted lobster out of the shell on oil herbs and sweet chivesphoto (7)Squid noodles, crunchy and infusionphoto (17)Deep fried lamb brain and tapenadephoto (15)White tuna belly charcoal roasted and roasted red peppers infusionphoto (14)Pigeon, deuxelle and cauliflowerphoto (10)Dry croissant of fruits and creamy ice creamphoto (12)Egg and dairy products: farmhouse milk ice cream, butter toffee, “homemade eggs”, milk skin and yoghurt jellyphoto (8)Applephoto (13)

Petit fours

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