Spain Part 2:Bilbao / San Sebastián / Getaria!

Spain Part 2:Bilbao / San Sebastián / Getaria!

San Sebastián is a nice coastal city a few kilometres from the French “borders” and is one of the most obvious destinations for culinary trips, not only for its many Michelin stared restaurants but also for its small pintxos bars.
The meal that surprised us most on this trip was at a rather new restaurant, Mina  in Bilbao. We were planning to have the shorter tasting menu after our lunch, but as it was the week of the Bilbao annual festival (Semana Grande) the only option available was the 10 courses menu and after the first couple of courses we were thrilled about this fact! Our favourite dishes were the mussels, the foie gras with prawn, the rabbit with lobster, the pigeon, and the amazing desserts.


photo (24) photo (22) photo (23) photo (25) photo (4)Kate Moss for Topshop dress

Isabel Marant boots

Chanel bag

Zoe Kompitsi bracelets

photo (12) photo (6) photo (21) photo (1) photo (3) photo (2) photo (5) photo (9) photo (19)photo (7)Black garlic cheesephoto (20)Mussels in lemongrass and coconut soupphoto (18)Foie gras served with white prawn tartarphoto (16)Confit Albacore tuna served with aubergine in red tea soupphoto (8)Rabbit pickled and served with White Norway lobsterphoto (17)photo (13)Blood, cabbage and coffeephoto (15)Monkfish roasted and served with seasonal vegetablesphoto (14)Young pigeon served with chimichurri and watercress juicephoto (10)“The Apple tart”f2ee29c2edc0b51b7756a325b082e13f photo (11)

Saffron creme brûlée, pear and frozen Amaretto

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