Spain part 1:Rioja!

Spain part 1:Rioja!

There are three restaurants at the top of our list and in August we decided to visit the one near Bilbao, as we could combine it with a short stay in Rioja.
It was the first time that we actually stayed in the area and we were quite impressed. Compared to the Californian wineries, those in Rioja feel a lot less commercial and are aesthetically more appealing. The area’s tranquility along with the fact that the Northern you go the more polite the Spaniards seem to get, makes a return visit a must.
We stayed at Viura , a modern structure that somehow fits with the rest of the very quiet and traditional village of Villabuena.


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Markus Lupfer playsuit

Isabel Marant boots

Chanel bag

G-sevenstars sunglasses

Zoe Kompitsi bracelets

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