Singing in my head!

Singing in my head!

Summer being upon us, for all you dressophobics out there… I’m actually totally with you on that-meaning I completely agree with discarding anything resembling a preppy kind of dress- I also like NOT to overthink outfits! So…consider the sheer genius of the skort! Particularly in the form of a play suit with a wide bottom part, it does the trick every time! And the music in head starts right about now… Palm Springs is it???


IMG_6378 IMG_6381 IMG_6379 IMG_6380 IMG_6382 IMG_6383 IMG_6384 IMG_6386 IMG_6385 IMG_6388 (1)H&M playsuit & hat

Isabel Marant sandals

Zoe Kompitsi necklaces & bracelets

Glassing sunglasses

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