A very special dinner!

A very special dinner!

After a stroll by the beach and a (heavier than any sensible person would eat before a long tasting menu dinner) lunch we drove to Denia, where the restaurant of Quique Dacosta is located.The chef had agreed  to open his restaurant on Sunday for a selected group of diners and prepare a menu that would include his best recipes of the last 15 years.

It was an amazing experience, highlighting his talent, creativity ,passion and desire to make this a special evening for all of us.We ended up completely full as we had 38 courses paired with a lot of alchohol, split in 6 acts over five and half hours!There were too many favourite moments and dishes to mention, but the one that stood us was the presentation of breakfast at Tiffany’s when they turned off the lights and started serving us.This was a very special evening and one that will remember for years.


IMG_0725Petals of rosesIMG_0726Dry leafs and rootsIMG_0727Charcoal and Pelicana sauceIMG_0728Rice a banda “socarrat”IMG_0729Coca of tomatoesIMG_0730Lemon fishIMG_0731Satay of King crabIMG_0732Fried oysterIMG_0733Breakfast at Tiffany’sIMG_0734The living forestIMG_0735Red king prawn from Denia – tea of chardsIMG_0736Pizzon and funghi and tartufoIMG_0737The hen of golden eggsIMG_0738Egg is ashesIMG_0739Weird flowersIMG_0740MossIMG_0741

Cinnamon branch – Prunes

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