Polka dot!

Polka dot!

I’m really getting into this whole Minnie Mouse idea… The ears were one thing but now polka dots, too??? It’s just a coincidence, though, I promise! I’m not going crazy on you or anything! When putting it together, I thought the polka dot shirt was so cute and gave a softness to the outfit which I kinda liked, plus black and white is totally my favourite combo. Anyway,I have some more ideas on styling this piece, so I’ ll get back to you on the matter. Until then….

I got a bit carried away and almost forgot to tell you about the reason why I ended up in Princeton, New Jersey

This was our choice of a destination restaurant during our NYC trip. We’ve read so much about the food of the talented Scott Anderson and we’ve drooled quite a few times looking at bloggers’ pictures, that we had to go. 


Getting out of NYC was not quick, partly because we drove around a bit before starting the journey, but mainly because the traffic downtown was horrible. But then after a couple of hours we arrived in picturesque Princeton and forgot all about it. The town is picture perfect and I promised myself to come back during daylight and take hundreds of pics.

The dinner at Elements was definitely worth the effort. The food was great with some dishes (mushrooms, egg, scallop, beef) being amazing and everyone seemed to be passionate about what they’ve achieved as a team as well as for their future plans. 
That’s what luxury is all about for me; being lucky enough to enjoy such experiences with great friends :)
Zara top
Zara skirt
Isabel Marant sneakers
Hermes Birkin bag
H&M necklace
Free people feather necklace
H&M ring
Topshop midi ring
Eugenia Kim headband
Karen Walker sunglasses
64.5 egg
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