Photo bombed!

Photo bombed!

Being the supportive girlfriend I am, ..dear God!!! All hell will break loose by me saying this, since I’ve been the queen of dodging opportunities to accompany the poor boy to his surfing expeditions…, anyway, when I decide to go along with it I’m fully on board ( hahaha get it?? On board???)! Main events of the trip:got the chance for some major vitamin B overload on these amazing rocks, not to mention being photo bombed by a curious uninvited quest…


photo (86) photo (83) photo (77) photo (80) photo (79) photo (81) photo (76) photo (84)photo (94)photo (82)Raisins bikini

Sun of a beach towel

Sheriff&Cherry sunglasses

Zoe Kompitsi bracelets

I love coconut and cream body lotion

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