Our life lookbook!

Our life lookbook!

Superdry shirt-Wildfox t-shirt-Philipp Plein jeans-Balenciaga City bag

This is a diary of our journey last year ranging from Winter to Spring depicting some of our favorites outfits and places.It also includes randomly selected pictures from our recent trips.We hope that you will find our selection intriguing and you will fall into a reverie by our fancy world!

Zara top-Zara shorts-Minnetonka boots-Mulberry Bayswater bag-Hermes leather bracelet-Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet-Rayban Wayfarer subglasses
Sightseeing in Egypt
Having fun in Egypt!!
Delicious sushi of Shiory
H&M dress-Minnetonka boots-Mulberry Alexa bag-Topshop skull ring-Hermes leather bracelet-Rayban wayfarer sunglasses
Dinner by Heston ,London
A weekend in Cartmel!
Nice Things fur coat-Philipp Plein jeans-Zara top-Hermes Birkin bag
Lunch at Aubaine,Selfridges,London
One of the best restaurants Fat Duck,Bray,London
A rainy day,London
Mou boots-H&M leggings-Gap top-Gap shirt-Gap gilet-Dsquared beanie
Nice Things fur coat-Philipp Plein jeans-Alexander Mcqueen scarf
Botegga  Veneta bag-Alexander Mcqueen scarf-Gienchi shoes
Zara fur coat-Phipp Plein jeans
Superdry shirt-H&M beanie-Juicy Couture necklace
Juicy Couture bracelets
Joie leather jacket-Wildfox t-shirt-Juicy Couture leggings-Balengiaga city bag-Rayban sunglasses
Joie leather jacket-Rayban sunglasses


Gavello skull necklace-Juicy Couture necklace
Zara fur jacket-Headband from Accessorize-H&M jeans-Gienchi shoes
Current Elliot jeans-Rebecca Taylor cardigan-Isabel Marant sneakers-Mulberry Alexa bag-Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses
Mulberry Alexa bag-Topshop skull ring-Zadig&Voltaire bracelet-Isabel Marant sneakers-Current  Elliot jeans
Rebecca Taylor cardigan-Topshop skull ring
Balenciaga city bag-Alexander Mcqeen skull ring-Topshop bracelets
Topshop shorts-H&M shirt-Zara top-Zara cardigan-Balengiaga city bag-Gienchi shoes-Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses
Zara top-H&M Shirt
Joie leather jacket-Chaser t-shirt-Shorts and belt from Topshop-Rayban Wayfarer  sunglasses
Hermes Birkin bag-Alexander Mcqueen bracelet-Topshop bracelets
YSL ring-Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet
Minnetonka boots-Zara shorts-Hermes leather bracelet-Topshop shorts-Alexander Mcqceen skull ring
Gap top-Zara shorts-Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses
Zara shorts-Hermes leather bracelet-Topshop  bracelet-Alexander Mcqeen skull ring-Mulberry Alexa bag
Zara shorts-H&M shirt-Minnetonka boots
YSL ring-Hermes leather bracelet-Topshop bracelets
In London few months ago…
Joie leather jacket-Signorelly Vintage t-shirt-Tripp leaopard jeans-Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses-Hermes Birkin bag
Wandering in the streets of London
Maison Scotch jacket-Oneteaspoon shorts-American Vintage top-Balenciaga city bag-Ugg mini boots
Isabel Marant sneakers!


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This blog aims to become our archive for the few moments in life that are worth remembering. A collection of pictures that represent our "fancy world" or how we would like the real world to be. It will include what we are passionate about; the concept and our favourites might change frequently but the subjects will remain the same; fashion, food, travels, having a good time. Hopefully, in a few years we'll be looking back at those moments of happiness and still feel excited about the choices we made at that point in time, although there are no guarantees :) We hope that the glimpses of our fancy world will help you seek more fancy moments in your life!

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