Finally here! After a long but pleasant flight we arrived in long -time -no -see yet familiar “territory”! No time to waste in this magnificent beehive of a city, I immediately went out, strolling around, a habit which I intend to keep up for as long as I’m in town. And after refueling big time , as you can see, I was up for more!!! My white and tan attire felt comfy and cool all day, as a run on overdrive in my favorite urban wilderness…


Asos cardigan
Zara top
Maje shorts
Zara sandals
Mulberry Del Ray bag
Zoe kompitsi evil eye necklace
H&M necklace

Forever 21 bracelets
Sheriff&Cherry sunglasses
Snow pea chiffonade with pecorino, pancetta and mint
Tagliatelle king crab,meyer lemon and black pepper
Chicken sandwich brioche,black truffle,foie gras
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  1. Anonymous

    Hey:) i´m totally in <3 with youre style, youre blog and your crochet asos cardigan in the post above!!
    which size do you choose??
    Greets from Germany, Annie

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