Midweek indulgence!

Midweek indulgence!


During the week I went to some great restaurants, each for different reasons. 
Estela is a new restaurant-bar that turned out to be a lot better than I ever hoped. The pictures don’t make it justice, but the food was really interesting and tasty. A truly talented chef, that managed to turn a simply zucchini dish into a masterpiece! It’s affordable and I highly recommend it. 
MOMA’s restaurant is called The Modern  and has a great ambience. It’s great for drinks and the interior design is right up my street, but the food was hit and miss. The starters and the desserts were really good, but the mains were well below those standards. I’d certainly go back as it’s strategically placed near 5th Avenue, but next time I’ll skip the mains. 
Wd~50  has been one of the city’s most innovative restaurants for the last 10 years. It’s at LES and Wylie Dufresne is considered by most as one of the chefs that introduced Americans to molecular cuisine. I really enjoyed this dinner. A lot of the dishes were amazing but again the low light didn’t really help me get pictures of a quality that would do them justice. My favourites were the sweetbreads, the scallop, the rabbit, the flat iron  and the two fantastic deserts; the white peach sorbet and the popcorn vacherin. 
Raw scallops with citrus and bronze fennel
Cod with potatoes, chanterelle, and gem lettuce
Summer squash with hazelnuts and Fossa cheese
Saffron Tagliatelle with cider braised rabbit,chanterelles,and corn
Beignets with maple ice cream, carameland mango marmalade
Sweetbreads, Cucumber-Lychee, Tonic, Fermented Black Bean
Sea Scallop, Berbere Granola, Carrot, Marcona
Rabbit, Spring Onion, Hibiscus, Thai Basil ‘Nori’
White Peach Sorbet, Honey-Milk Crisp, Tarragon
Popcorn Vacherin, Strawberry, Kaffir Lime, Watermelon
Momofuku Ma Peche:Wagyu-lime, gooseberry, bay leaf
Momofuku Ma Peche:Pork buns- hoisin, cucumber, scallion
Fried veal sweet breads-almond ,egg yolk, anchovies
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