London lunches!

London lunches!

With the better half (lol) usually at work during lunchtime, my lunches in London are usually simple. But after our return from Barcelona he took some extra holidays and off we went!

Dim sum, as in most Chinese restaurants, is only available during lunchtime, therefore the first lunch was at a Chinese restaurant close to Victoria that has appeared in a few newspapers and blogs recently. A Wong offers a modern take on Chinese cuisine, which we really enjoyed.

The second lunch was at Tartufo, the restaurant of one of the sous chefs at Gauthier Soho.  The Chelsea location and the chef’s accolade would justify higher prices, so kudos to them for deciding to keep things simple and reasonably priced. The room we lunched at was nice, but the best part of the restaurant is the small courtyard (note to self to re-visit in the summer). The food was enjoyable and the location is very convenient for post shopping-strolls in Sloane Street lunching.

The Corner Room has appeared in our blog before and remains one of our favourite London restaurants. It’s the simpler version of Nuno Mendes’ 1-stared Viajante and the food is always delicious and at prices that would put a lot of less accomplished restaurants at shame.


photo photo (1) photo (2) photo (3) photo (4) photo (16) photo (6)photo (5)H&M jacket

BDG. ,Urban Outfitters

Somedays lovin jeans , Styligion

Isabel Marant sneakers

Antik Batik clutch

Zoe Kompitsi necklace

H&M necklace

Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses

photo (7)A Wong: Sesame buttered smoked chickenphoto (8)A Wong: 63 degrees “tea egg” with shredded filophoto (9)A Wong: Clear shrimp dumpling, sweet chilli sauce, citrus foamphoto (10)A Wong: Tobacco smoked banana, nut crumble, chocolate, soy caramel

photo (12)Tartufo: Beetroot risotto, wild rocket photo (11)Tartufo: Swiss chard and Autumn truffle ravioli photo (13)Tartufo: Dark chocolate crunch with lemon and cheese sorbetphoto (14)Corner Room: Prawn paella porridgephoto (15)Corner Room: Pine smoked trout with girlies and candied artichokephoto (17)

Corner Room: Iberico pork & red cabbage, brown butter glazephoto (18)

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