H&M event!

H&M event!

It’s been a while dears, hasn’t it? Well, hello there people, hope everyone’s enjoying all the interesting feedback from New York fashion week as much as I do, even it has to be from afar… Things in my little microcosm have been quite hectic lately, full of family affairs and gatherings, so much so, that I can still feel my head spin! However, Friday came and ,as always, there was something good with it that came along ( apart from the weekend). I was really excitedly to attend a cool event at the h&m headquarters, where I had the chance to preview exclusive pieces from the autumn – winter collection and shop with ( …drumroll…) 20% discount!!! It was crowded as hell but I did manage to grab a few great pieces! My outfit for the evening is actually a favourite due to these unique studded leather shorts from the “Denim On” by Ozon Raw collection for H&M autumn 2013. 


H&M top
H&M shorts
Isabel Marant sneakers
Bottega Veneta bag
Zoe Kompitsi necklace and bracelets
H&M rings
Glassing sunglasses
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