In a haystack!

In a haystack!

The ultimate concept for the ultimate boho inspired jewellery collection by our favourite sisters, the amazing duo behind the Klaidra brand! From headpieces to hippie chick bracelets and necklaces, we had a ball putting everything on… More is More is the idea here!!! Under the scorching sun we kept it cool, in sheer white outfits and colorful sunnies, with our little devil as the mascot of the shoot, playing in the haystack!!!


photoi photojl photoy photot photol photoh photoq photo (95) photo (100) photo (96) photog photo (97) photo (99) photo (98) photoj photon photoml photom

Kalli wears:

Free people dress

Isabel Marant boots

Klaidra bracelets&head piece

G-Sevenstars sunglasses

Dimitra wears:

Juicy Couture dress

Isabel Marant boots

Klaidra necklace&bracelet&head piece

G-Sevenstars sunglasses

Klairi wears:

Planet blue dress

Ash boots

Klaidra necklace&bracelets&headpiece

G-Sevenstars sunglasses

Faidra wears:

Topshop top

Zara shorts

Zara boots

Klaidra necklace&bracelets&headpiece

G-sevenstars sunglasses

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