Get lucky!

Get lucky!

I’ve always said that accessories bring outfits to life, give that certain edge which makes a difference!This is true, though, for ordinary accessories! There are pieces, however, that have a life of their own and are so unique they become the protagonist of any look. I am literally obsessed with any of Nikos Koulis’ designs and for good reason! It’s no coincidence that Rihanna chose to wear his jewelry at the AMAs while there’s been a craze among celebrities for his pieces…Back to what I was saying… everything he makes is sick but the ‘lucky horn’ earring you see me wearing in this post has me “up all night”… (… to get lucky…) Get it???


photo (10)photo (11)l photo (3) (1)photo (9) photo (6) photo (7) American Vintage top

Topshop fur jacket

Minkpink Urban Outfitters pants

Isabel Marant sneakers

Hermes Birkin bag

Karl Lagerfeld leather gloves

Nikos Koulis earring and necklaces

Zara sunglasses

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