Funkybuddha Giveaway: LA Mood!

Funkybuddha Giveaway: LA Mood!

Be honest…You could have easily been fooled, yes??? Absolutely the perfect background for this outfit, loudly echoing California vibes … Truth is, I have a thing for palm trees, anyway!!! Now, down to business: Don’t be afraid to go a little sporty! It comes out cooler and sexier than you think plus it’s so summer-like and young! And who wouldn’t want THAT??? So…in order to get your hands on the depicted ensemble,my dear friends, here are a few simple steps to follow:

1.Follow Our fancy world Facebook page.

2.Follow Funky Buddha Facebook page.

3.Leave a comment on the blog with your e-mail.

Good Luck!!

The winner will bw announced in ten days from now on Ourfancyworld Facebook page!Good Luck!!!


photo (93) photo (1) photo (92) photo (91) n photo (2) kl photo (90) photo (89) photo (87)

 Funky Buddha t-shirt

Funky Buddha shorts

Zoe Kompitsi bracelets

G-sevenstars sunglasses

H&M headband

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