A dream comes through – California road trip 4 – Dinning at Saison‏!

A dream comes through – California road trip 4 – Dinning at Saison‏!

Visiting the Bay Area without visiting at least one of the restaurants that we’ve read dozens of reviews for, was not an option! The choice between the French Laundry and Saison was easy. The one is known worldwide but seems to have “settled”, the other is continuously innovating, has recently moved to new premises and, although criticised for its over the top prices, is deemed to be the best restaurant in USA.
Saison’s  chef Joshua Skenes is focusing on high quality ingredients (most of which are locally sourced) and offers two seasonal menus, with the longer one (25 dishes) being our choice. The highlights of the evening were the three cru dishes, the sea urchin, the “cookie”, the rhubarb, the wood pigeon and the walnut ice cream. Overall this was a very good meal and the high quality of the produce justified the “damage” (in calories and dollars)!


photo (29)

White sturgeon caviar

photo (44)

Wild Thistle

photo (45)

Cru – cherry blossom sea bream

photo (47)Cru – golden eye snapper

photo (46) photo (33)Cru – horse mackerel

photo (49)Abalone

photo (48)Sea urchin toast

photo (50)Battle Creek trout

photo (53)Sweet water oyster

photo (52)Sea cucumber – grilled ribs, chicharon from the skin

photo (55) photo (54) photo (31) photo (43) photo (51)Asparagus

photo (40)Celeriac

photo (32)Toffee

photo (42)Cookie (livers from the bird, grilled pecan honey)

photo (41)Wood pigeon

photo (39)Grains (toasted in the fire)

photo (34)Rhubarb

photo (38)Black walnut soufflé and ice cream

photo (36)Grilled sourdough ice cream

photo (30)

Petit fours

photo (35)

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