A dream comes through – California road trip 8 – Las vegas!

A dream comes through – California road trip 8 – Las vegas!

After two days in LA we had to move again, as my boyfriend’s birthday was approaching and he had concluded that none of the restaurants in LA were good enough for the occasion. The destination was Las Vegas, where we had already spent one night, but this time we would spend three days.
On our way to Vegas we took a small detour and crossed the Mojave national park. This was definitely one of highlights of our trip. The scenery was incredible and it felt like we had the desert to ourselves given that we saw less than a couple of dozen of other cars during the two hours that we spent there. Vegas would signal the end of the trip for our friend A and we were all starting to feel sad that this dream trip was about to end, but with the roof down, the music loud, the speed higher than usual, we could not stop laughing.
We only arrived at the Aria a couple of hours before our dinner reservation at one of Jose Andres’ restaurants, Jaleo. While waiting for our table, A and I started wondering about my bf’s choice, as the restaurant looked nice but certainly not something to leave LA for. But then we realised that the reservation was actually for e , the “hidden” counter bar inside Jaleo and one of the hardest to get reservations in the US. That’s more like it :)
Vegas is a unique place and our experience at the restaurant was . They tend to exaggerate a bit (e.g. your golden dinner tickets are posted to you), they tend to be overly enthusiastic (e.g. the reaction of other diners to each of the 20 courses), and obviously the tend to overcharge as everyone seems willing to overspend. The dinner was really pleasant and we enjoyed most of the dishes, however we could not stop comparing it to European counter tables and wonder if it would have become as successful here.
The city is a shoppers paradise with everything available and shops open until 11pm, the casinos are open and active 24 hours, the hotels are huge and have the longest check-in queues I’ve ever seen, the city looks extremely bright as from a distance from all the signs; what they’ve built in the middle of the desert is really impressive.


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Urban Outfitters dress & beanie

Isabel Marant boots

Zoe Kompitsi necklace

Italia independent sunglasses

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photo (81)Crispy chicken skin en escabeche

photo (82)“Fabes” com jamon

photo (83) photo (72)El vermout

photo (84)Crema Catalana egg

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