Dog walkers!

Dog walkers!

You can’t but admit that our ” baby” (not) boy is more than impressive!!! Basically, the silver giant is the darling “child”of one of my best friends, who was ( as any proud mom) more than excited to see him get his 15 minutes of fame… Nevertheless, Obelix was not particularly thrilled to take part in the photo-shoot and would rather have avoided the heat if he had a say in it! We kinda failed as dog walkers this time, I guess … Hahahahaha


photo (100) photo (99) photo (94) photo (95) photo (96) photo (97)

I’m  wearing:

Alexander Wang dress

Zara boots

Glassing sunglasses

Zoe Kompitsi necklace&bracelets

Konstantinos from Stylentonic is wearing:

Vintage YSL shirt

Cropped trouser by H&M

Studded loafer by Saint Laurent

Iro belt

Special thanks to Argus dog Trainer ,Ovelix and Tina

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