Dinner at Dos Palillos!

Dinner at Dos Palillos!

Spain is famous for its tapas and this place, opened by Albert Raurich who was the former chef de cuisine of El Bulli, is the new age version of a tapas bar. The Asian influences create very interesting flavours hence it was probably no surprise to anyone following the global food scene that Michelin awarded them one star soon after they opened.

The restaurant is split in two, the more informal and no-reservations bar and the counter around the kitchen, which is were we sat and which offers a front-row view of all the action. The food is really interesting and tasteful, with our favourite dishes being the cabbage kimchi with warm sashimi squid, the Nippon burger, and the disassembled sushi.


photo (1)


photo (2)Sweet and sour Cantonese style vegetables

Crispy Chicken skins

photo (3)Shitake and monkfish liver tsukudani

photo (4)Horse mackerel marinated in rice vinegar and kombu

photo (7)Fresh seaweed and mollusk sunomono

photo (22)

photo (8)Cabbage kimchi with small squid tentacles and warm squid sashimi with squid essence and yuzu

photo (5)l

photo (24)The tempura of lobster

photo (9)l

photo (10)Red king crab pankoage

photo (11)l

photo (26)lphoto (12)

Steamed dumplings of fresh shrimps and Iberian pork

photo (13)

photo (14)Tuna belly (toro) temaki with nori, green shiso

photo (19)l

photo (15)Nippon burger

photo (16)Iberian pork jowl Cantonese style

photo (18)Litchi and shocku slushie

photo (17)

Strawberry maki – mochiphoto (20)Chocolate ningyoyaki

photo (25)l

photo (21)

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