Dinner at Atera!

Dinner at Atera!

Many of the restaurants that we visit in our culinary travels require careful planning and a lot of flexibility due to their popularity and the limited number of seats. Atera , following a recent trend in the US, also requires a prepayment of the (expensive) meal, with the option to transfer your reservation to someone else but not to cancel or alter it. Plus they do not accommodate any dietary requirements that you might have, as the menu is exactly the same and is served at the same time to all of the 12 guests seating around the counter. 
It takes a lot of guts to be so bold, but Matt Lightner is a man that is not afraid to take risks. After spending some time at Noma and Mugaritz, he moved to New York and managed to secure two Michelin stars and to become the talk of the town a few months after opening his “hidden” restaurant. 
After this meal, one of the best we’ve ever had and definitely one that will end in our top 5 of 2013, we can see why. Everything about this tasting menu was great! We enjoyed the tastier lobster ever (from Fourchu, available for only 10 weeks every year and considered to be the best lobsters in the world), we loved the bone marrow of the edible bone (by hearts of palm), we couldn’t stop smiling while eating the broken “egg” or the uni or the scallop or… everything!
A great restaurant and an experience that justifies the cost and the effort. Our only criticism is that although the service was very professional and friendly, the chefs did not try to interact with the clients, which is something we enjoy, for example, at the counter of the Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs. 
But that doesn’ mean that we wouldn’t run back if we lived in the city and we could afford such luxuries on a weekly basis. 


Cos jumpsuit
Maison Martin Margiela sandals
Chanel bag
Eugenia Kim headband
Karen Walker sunglasses
Beer Foam Mracaron
creme fresh caviar
Flax Cookie ,Pine Nut Butter, Coriander, Mushroom Powder
Amaranth Toast, Smoked Trout Roe
Lobster Roll, Yeast Meringue
Beef Tendon Chicharon
Pig Blood Cracker, Huckleberry, Chicken Liver Pate
Pickled Quail Egg
Grilled Heart of Palm with Veal Marrow
Fake Jamon (swordfish belly)
Fresh Peaches
roasted corn
Arctic Rose
rosa acicularis
Blue Fin Tuna
pickled ramp relish
calendula officinalis 
Razor Clam
Sea Urchin
tropaeolum majus
Diver Scallops
fermented cabbage leaf
corylus avellana
Peekytoe Crab Ravioli
toasted grain dashi
chicken bouillon
Fourchou Lobster
corn, chicken
Roasted Squad
Salad Bernet
sunquisorba minor
Beef Sirloin
black walnut
picea sp.
saltine meringue
Cracked Egg Ice Cream
egg yolk jam
Dried Fruit
wild ginger ice cream
Walnut Sundae
celery root
Lemon Balm
melissa officinalis
Burbon Cask Cream Sandwich
almond, vanilla
quercus robur

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