Culinary trip: Day2!

Culinary trip: Day2!
Sluis is next to the borders with Belgium, about 20 minutes from Bruges, and is the address of one of the world’s best restaurants, Oud Sluis . We were lucky to get a last minute reservation here after a cancellation, but unfortunately we couldn’t experience their rooms as they were fully booked. Sergio is considered to be one of the most talented chefs in the world and is extremely popular in the Netherlands. The ambience of the restaurant is chic but very relaxed and modern for this level, with the waiters interacting with the guests and the chef introducing himself to each guest during the service. We couldn’t resist going for the bigger of the two tasting menus. After all, it’s one of those places that you probably visit once in your life. The food was amazing! Probably the best dinner I’ve ever had, with all dishes perfectly matching my taste and my love for seafood. We were served 9 amuse bouche! I was half-full and the dinner hasn’t started yet. Then each dish was actually split in two dishes. If they didn’t taste as good as they did, I would have stopped after the first one, but I actually managed to keep up until the first desert. At that point I was done… I barely touched my first desert, but then I had a grappa which really helped me digest and continue to the end. A perfect dinner and a wonderful experience. 
In the morning we walked around Sluis, which is by the way lovely, and then left for our next destination; this time close to the borders of Belgium and France.


Pork belly,carrots
Zealand oyster,potato,seaweed,wheatgrass,citrus
Scallops,mushrooms,goat’s cheese,avocado,truffle
Sole,autumn pumpkin,crab,hummus and spocy jus of shore crab
Soft cream of harissa and northsea crab
Grilled hare,root vegetables,young cabbages,mustard and chocolate
Just think chocolate
Carmine apple,jan hagel,pecan,sugar beet and clementines
My favourite game
The final touch:hazelnut
Zara coat
BDG shirt,Urban Outfitters
Zara trousers
Zara platforms
Zara fur jacket
Urban Outfitters t-shirt
Phillip Plein jeans
Isabel Marant sneakers
Alexander Wang bag
Zara beanie
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  1. Tina

    Your culinary trips are extraordinary! Thank you for the beautiful photos you share with us! … Moreover I would like to tell you that you are one of the most stylish persons I’ have ever seen!

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