We finished our Barcelona trip at one of the best hotels of the city, which (are you surprised?) happens to have an excellent restaurant, for which the talented Senior Jordi Cruz has won two Michelin stars.

The building used to be the old US embassy and has a weird design with long corridors, but the rooms are spacious and lush and as you would expect the room-service is top notch.

Our lunch was excellent, certainly more memorable than Can Roca. Faultless technique, awesome flavours, unique combinations, professional service? Check, check, check, check. No criticism whatsoever, I’m confident that this restaurant will soon have three stars.


photo (7) photo (4) photo (6) photo (1) photo photo (3) photo (2) photo (5) photo (9) photo (10) photo (11)

photo (12)

Nitro cocktailphoto (13)Carril clam and kaffir lime curry


Barbecued sardines-style cured king mackerel and bread with tomato

photo (15)

Thin foie gras focaccia with toasted pine nuts, onion consommé and orange zestphoto (18)Parmesan gnocchi with raw mushrooms, nuts, truffle oil and a mushroom infusion with lemongrassphoto (16)Small salt-cod fillets, pickled Padron pepper seeds with cappers, salt-cod gravy with cardamomphoto (17)Oyster with beef, baby radishes and sakephoto (19)Egg yolk cooked in seawater with caviar and Parmentierphoto (20)Smoked steak tartar, beef with dressing, cooked egg yolk, veil of mustard and pepper bread

photo (21)

Sea cucumbers with squidphoto (27)Pearly razor fish with tomato bread and baked garlic soupphoto (26)Baby goat and stewed roasted shank with garlic cream, glazed sweetbreads and mushroomsphoto (25)Thin cocoa Coca with chocolate and olive oilphoto (24)Sweet passion dessertphoto (22)lYuzu sorbet with coconut, dairies, citruses and basilphoto (23)

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