The 8 hours lunch!‏

The 8 hours lunch!‏

One of the restaurants outside London that we always wanted to visit is Sat Bains  in Notitngham. Estimated total driving time: 5 hrs without delays (and unfortunately in London this is rarely the case), but we still felt that it’s about time that we tried this two Michelin star restaurant as the chef is considered by many experts as one of the most creative ones in the UK.

The restaurant’s surroundings are not the best we’ve seen, but this just proves that when the food is worth it, the location doesn’t really matter. Sat Bains is according to our knowledge, one of the two restaurants in North England that have set p an experimental cuisine (the second one is of course L’Enclume’s Aulis) and this was what we chose for this meal. The two of us at a counter and a chef (Daniel) cooking for us and discussing techniques, other restaurants, etc. The meal was very pleasant, although we would have liked a few more amuse bouche. The highlights of the meal were the chicken liver muesli, the sous vide egg with peas, and the crossover of salted panna cotta.

Was it worth the effort? Well the return was painful due to road closures and delays and such a long drive for a meal is definitely not something that we would do every week even if we could afford the associated cost, but overall yes, it was worth it and I have no regrets. No pain, no gain 😀


photo (66) photo (63) photo (64)photo (62)KIsabel Marant for H&M jacket

Isabel Marant boots

Chanel bag

Italia independent Sunglasses

Zoe Kompitsi bracelets

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